Tik Tok & Instagram

Our wonderful Marketing & Communications Officer, Kaitlyn has been buzzily creating new Instagram and Tik Tok accounts for Theatre Bugs and Adelaide Theatre Academy. We want to be able to share some of the fun and excitement that happens in our classes and productions more broadly with our Bugs & ATA students and families.

You’ll get to see some of the fabulous talent bursting for an opportunity to spread its wings and we’ll be encouraging students to further develop their own natural creativity.

Not only is it a great way for our parents and carers to see what amazing things their children get up to, but it’s also an extra way for us to share important information and let you know about upcoming events.

Here are the links so that you can you can follow us:



Theatre Bugs – https://www.instagram.com/theatre_bugs/

Adelaide Theatre Academy – https://www.instagram.com/adelaide_theatre_academy/



Theatre Bugs – https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJ9fBDG8/

…see you on the interthingy…