Why Theatre Bugs is beneficial for my child

Far more than singing, dancing and acting skills, Theatre Bugs is about helping your child grow. We inspire wonder, nurture creativity and build confidence, perseverance and teamwork.

Skills for theatre, skills for life.

Peace of Mind

The safety and well being of your child is as important to us as it is to you. Therefore, all our teachers genuinely CARE about the children and teach in a nurturing, supportive environment. All teachers hold First Aid certificates, Police Clearances and receive ongoing training, mentoring and support from our management team.

“I wish to congratulate your staff on the performance in the Fringe Parade. I value Theatre Bugs professionalism, care of the students and dedication to ensuring they have fun while being safe and feeling confident. I am thrilled that my children are involved.”

— Danielle, Parent

Skills for Life

At Theatre Bugs, your child will not only learn skills in dance, singing and drama. They will also learn to trust their own ideas, develop perseverance, empathise with others, work with peers to achieve a common goal and feel confident in their own ability. Most of all, they will develop the confidence they need to be able to tackle the unexpected, challenging and exciting situations that they are confronted with in life.

“I would just like to say a massive thank you. Over the years I have attended Theatre Bugs I have developed so many new skills, friendships and discovered my passion. I will always look back and know that Theatre Bugs helped shape and educate me. You are to be congratulated on creating an environment where kids feel comfortable, learn skills, friendships and are encouraged to live their dreams.”

— Erin (former student, 16 yrs)

Non-competitive Environment

At Theatre Bugs, we strive to make children feel proud of their own personal achievements. We do not offer exams or competitions – instead children are involved in regular exciting performances where each individual can shine and develop skills at their own pace.

“It’s great to see the kids really involved in something where they don’t have to win or be the best. Instead the kids just have fun and enjoy the moment while learning and developing skills, confidence and self-esteem.”

— Michael Eustice, Managing Director

— Michael Eustice,
Managing Director

Unforgettable Experiences

Our students are involved in at least 3 performances each year, which often involve special costumes, lights, sets, programmes etc to give the shows a really exciting feel. In addition to this, students are also often invited to participate in additional optional events such as TV work, charity concerts, Adelaide Fringe events, Christmas pageants, modelling and more! 

“I was so impressed with the end of year show. Amy has only been attending this term and she was worried she wouldn’t remember her lines. We were thrilled with the quality and how it all came together and are looking forward to Amy returning next year! ” 

— Kerry (mother of Amy)

We Understand Families

At Theatre Bugs, we understand the needs of families. We know you are busy so we do not expect you to sew costumes. We know that you need to budget carefully, so we don’t charge for any of our ‘in house’ class performances. We also understand that family time is really important so we encourage the whole family to attend our performances – from baby brothers to great grandmas – everyone is welcome!

“Thanks so very much for bringing such enjoyable experiences to our daughter over such a long period of time, and enjoyable experiences to us, the parents, who get to enjoy quality productions with our kids in it!”

— Rachael (mother of Isabella)

Every child shines at Theatre Bugs!