Mary Poppins Cast Party

After performing a wonderful sellout season of Mary Poppins at the Norwood Concert Hall, the cast and production team gathered together for a wonderful celebratory picnic on Sunday.

Much fun was had by everyone as they were able to proudly talk about their enormous success and the tremendously fun, challenging and exciting time they had creating their fabulous show.

Here are a few quotes from the critics, followed by a few photos from the picnic.

Truly an outstanding performance for what it promised, then was able to deliver. (The Barefoot Review)

This would have to have been one of the most well-received productions I have seen in a long while. (Theatre Association of South Australia)

The staging was professionally orchestrated, lighting, sound mix, radio mics etc. and the performance was such that you have to ask yourself – how can these kids be so damned talented? (The Clothesline)

The cast were talented and truly outstanding, everyone played their part beautifully, executing complex arrangements and complicated dance moves.The leads were a standout, they acted with confidence and engaged the audience from start to finish. The entire cast were well deserving of the standing ovation. (Kids in Adelaide)