Online in Term Two

You guessed it!

This term our Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy classes are online. The timetable and class descriptions are shown here and we will continue to offer FREE TRIAL classes to students who haven’t attended a Theatre Bugs or ATA class before.

Online Safety

In this online environment, Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy is just as vigilant about child safety.

All our teachers and staff have relevant Working With Children checks and qualifications, and we must also insist that our students, their caregivers, and families understand and follow these safety guidelines.

  • During online classes, all students who have the appropriate class uniform should wear it at all times. If students don’t have a uniform, they must be appropriately attired so as to cover torsos at all times (e.g. t-shirts, singlets, pants, shorts, skirts).  Children are asked to wear their uniform or change to suitable attire for attending online classes as this helps them to psychologically prepare for class. Our experience is already showing that this helps students to be focussed and ready when their online classes begin. We want them to get the most out of each class and the uniform also helps to share a message that they are a part of a Theatre Bugs community. This sense of belonging is especially important as students are increasingly isolated from their normal friends and classmates.
  • During online classes, siblings, other family members, and friends must be appropriately attired so as to cover torsos at all times (e.g. t-shirts, singlets, pants, shorts, skirts),
  • Ensure no questionable/offensive images/material is present, nor can be seen during class.

Should a teacher or participant of an online class detect a situation outside these guidelines, the student will be removed from the online class and the parents/caregivers briefed by Theatre Bugs/ATA General Manager, Michael Eustice.

Thank you for your adherence and continued vigilance – we know that like us, your children’s safety is absolutely top priority.

The Australian Federal Government has more information about children’s online safety: and information for parents and caregivers: