16 Skills and Behaviours Children Develop while Studying Theatre

While studying theatre and performing is lots of fun and a great way to make friends for life, it’s also an important and valuable way for children to develop skills and behaviours which will help them build successful and happy lives.

Here’s a list of 16 skills and behaviours which we focus on when teaching our Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy classes.

1. Oral Communication Skills
2. Creative Problem Solving Abilities
3. Motivation and Commitment
4. Willingness to Work Cooperatively
5. Initiative
6. Promptness and Respect for Deadlines
7. Adaptability and Flexibility
8. The Ability to Work Under Pressure
9. Acceptance of Disappointment and the Ability to Bounce Back
10. Self-Discipline
11. A Goal-Oriented Approach to Work
12. Concentration
13. Dedication
14. A Willingness to Accept Responsibility
15. Leadership Skills
16. Self-Confidence

You get the idea. No doubt you can add to it!