A Christmas Message from Michael Eustice, Managing Director


Wow – what a year!

As we fly towards the curtain call for 2020, I want to share my thanks and congratulations to our amazing students, families, brilliant teachers and outstanding administrative team.

It’s been a really tough and challenging year, but I believe we have earned and deserve the right to share a loud and happy Christmas finale.

We’ve all been tested enormously this year. For a long time we waited in the wings while COVID cancelled our classes. We fought back with some fun times time together in online classes and just as we reached the final stages of Term 4 and preparations for our end of year concert, once again COVID restriction forced our students to miss really important final rehearsals for their performances.

But, while there are many other dance and performing arts schools that were unable to continue and decided to cancel their end of year concerts, at Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy we have been relentlessly determined to find a way for students to have the opportunity to show us how hard they have been working on their songs and dances.

So, fighting against the odds, the logistics, the lack of venues, restricted seating  numbers, the shortened time frames, and the significantly increased expenses to make these shows happen, our Team and our Students are turning themselves inside out to ensure their hard work is showcased in no fewer than 35 individual concerts during the next two weeks!

The joy of performance and these incredible displays of resilience have given us all so much to be proud of.

As always, thank you for your extraordinary support and loyalty. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as is possible at the End of Year Concerts.

I can’t wait to welcome in 2021 with you.

My very best wishes to you for a merry and safe holiday season.

Michael Eustice (Managing Director, Theatre Bugs)