Managing Director

Michael has a life long passion for the performing arts. As a child, many of his happiest memories were attending drama and theatre classes. He believes that the professional skills he learned and the friends he made back then formed the foundations for his future career and life.

After graduating with a B.A. in Educational Theatre (Adelaide) and a M.A. in Drama & Theatre Studies (London) he pursued a career in corporate management and leadership.
Most recently he was the Managing Director for the performance management consultancy Smart Chameleon, and prior to that was the Group Manager for Allianz Australia’s national sales and service centres. He also worked in senior leadership roles with Westpac and Halifax Bank of Scotland.

Over a period of more than 20 years, Michael developed expertise in financial management, business development, customer service, learning and development, and team building. He has worked across a diverse range of industries including banking, insurance, pay TV, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and the performing arts in Australia, the UK, Europe, Singapore and the Philippines.

Michael is incredibly excited by the opportunity to come full circle and join Theatre Bugs where he can directly contribute to the personal and creative development of a new generation of young people.

In his spare time, Michael is the Artistic Director of Red Phoenix Theatre company and enjoys travel adventures, digital photography, billiards, fishing, and cooking.