Enrolments Now Open for Term 3

We are very happy to confirm that enrolments are now open for Term 3

at Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy.

(For children aged from 1 to 18 years)


Why people love Theatre Bugs


Skills For Life

Children learn to trust their own ideas, develop perseverance, empathy, teamwork, to feel confident in their own ability and develop the confidence they need to tackle the challenging situations they are confronted with in life.

At Theatre Bugs & Adelaide Theatre Academy, your child will not only learn skills in dance, singing and drama. They will also learn to trust their own ideas, develop perseverance, empathise with others, work with peers to achieve a common goal and feel confident in their own ability. Most of all, they will develop the confidence they need to be able to tackle the unexpected, challenging and exciting situations that they are confronted with in life.


Unforgettable Experiences

Students participate in at least 2 performances each year which often involve sets, lights and costumes. Students are often invited to participate in events such as TV work, charity concerts, Fringe events, Christmas pageants and more!


Non-competitive Environment

We strive to make children feel proud of their personal achievements. Children are supported to develop at their own pace without the pressure of exams and competitions.


We Understand Families

We know you are busy so we don’t expect you to sew costumes. We know you need to budget, so we don’t charge for regular ‘in house’ performances.

We know that family is really important so we invite all of family to attend performances.


Peace of Mind

The safety and well being of your child is as important to us as it is to you. Our teachers genuinely CARE about your children.

All teachers hold First Aid certificates, Police Clearances and receive ongoing training, mentoring and support.



Our FREE TRIAL offer will continue for all Term 3 classes*.

Free Trials are a perfect, risk free and fun way to see if our theatre family is the right home for you.


To book your FREE TRIAL you can click HERE to enrol via our website:

or call our Admin Team on 8332 1228.

*This offer does not apply to private 1:1 lessons