Skills for Theatre, Skills for Life
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Term 1, 2024

Theatre skills that teach kids confidence, creativity and fun

At Theatre Bugs, your child will learn more than dancing, singing and drama skills.

They will develop essential skills for life – trusting their own ideas, developing perseverance, empathising with others, and working with peers to achieve a common goal.

Most of all, they will develop the confidence they need to be able to tackle the unexpected, challenging and exciting situations that they are confronted with in life.





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Inspired kids

25 years instilling self-esteem, perseverance and teamwork...

Weekly Classes

At Theatre Bugs, we have a variety of kids’ acting, singing and dancing classes. Every child is a star!

Holiday Programs

The perfect way to keep active, make friends and take part in kids’ acting, drama and singing workshops these school holidays.

Private Lessons

Tailored dancing, acting and singing lessons for kids and teens aged 7 to 18 – with friendly, professionally trained teachers.